[PDF][EPUB] The Rivener By : Garrett Godsey Read For Free On MAC/IPAD/Android - BLUZZ READING TIME

[PDF][EPUB] The Rivener By : Garrett Godsey Read For Free On MAC/IPAD/Android

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Step through a gateway hidden inside your dreaming mind and dive into one of the most anticipated indie novels of the year. From the gritty streets of San Francisco to labyrinthine dream worlds conjured from humanity's collective psyche, this is a philosophical, page-turning, dark-fantasy odyssey.Meet Kid, an American foster system survivor turned clandestine courier for an underground syndicate, The White Lotus. With the disappearance of their previous runner, Kid must navigate through a harrowing night filled with deranged stalkers and nightmarish creatures born of his darkest fears.Then there's Alice, a teen prodigy from The Young School ? an enigmatic institute for violent psychics, also known as travelers. These travelers have the power to traverse The Dream, a parallel universe birthed from humanity's collective consciousness, capable of manipulating society, acquiring superhuman abilities, and even discovering immortality. Alice yearns to harness these mystical forces to gain

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